Kifubon Project : what is it ?

Image Kifubon Project : what is it ?

Ambassador and figures of peace around the world, to promote his cause, Prem Rawat travels to every country to raise awareness and share his message of peace. Through speeches at the world's highest summits, charity actions for the most needy and peace projects like the Kifubon project Prem Rawat works every day to make the world know about true peace.

Sharing project for education

The Kifubon project is a social project which aims to provide books to the needy, especially in schools or training centers around the world. The books are among other donations from people who buy or donate books from their collection. The books collected will then be distributed according to their type to beneficiaries around the world. The project was originally implemented by a Japanese publisher, Bunya. Building on its success, several countries and associations around the world then followed the example.

Today, the Kifubon project is famous around the world and has even become a real international movement that mobilizes large companies, organizations and associations. Thus, it is no longer just people who love books or volunteers who participate in donations and the distribution of books collected. Businesses, celebrities and NGOs all donate and thousands of books of all kinds have been distributed today.

The main beneficiaries to date are orphanages, day care for disabled or needy children, prisons and detention centers as well as marginalized or neglected groups in society. From Japan to South Africa or even Portugal, books have almost gone around the world. The success is such that the project is always planning more and wants to reach more beneficiaries in the neediest countries in the world.

Project for the promotion of reading

Books are very important to our civilization for many reasons. First of all, they develop our imagination. In addition, they allow us to learn, to transmit to future generations. And finally they create economic activity and provide jobs.

Books are very important because they develop their imagination. Thus, even a child who cannot read will be inspired by the images of a comic strip, for example.

Books are also the memory of men. The great events of history are told, explained so as not to be forgotten. Some give information and transmit knowledge about the world around us.

Finally, books are important for economic activity, they create jobs. The first are the authors who carry out writing work. Then come the publishers who choose the right book according to several criteria and finally the printer who generally works very quickly in a short time.

Peacebuilding Project

By sharing their books with the world, everyone contributes and adds in their part for peace. Indeed, sharing a book, first of all, brings a feeling of inner peace for the one who gives. It may seem trivial to some to offer a simple book, but for the child who will receive it, this book can change his life. A book is education, well-being and leisure. For a child who cannot afford to go to a bookstore or even a library, the Kifubon project takes on particular meaning.