10 tips to encourage reading

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Image 10 tips to encourage reading

Whether you are an occasional reader or a seasoned reader, you may have already said to yourself "I should read more, but I don't have time", or "If only I could manage my time better to read". To encourage you to read more, but above all to read better, here are 10 easy tips to follow starting today.

10 tips to encourage reading

1. Start with small books

This is the best advice not to lose motivation. Starting with a light 200-page novel that will be finished in a few days is much more pleasant for the morale than embarking on a 600-page reading that will take weeks, especially when you've lost the habit of reading.

So don't be ashamed to read little books at first. You will finish them faster and will therefore be able to read more, which will motivate you to continue reading regularly.

2. Read topics you like

This one seems a bit obvious but it is always worth remembering. Reading must remain a pleasant pastime and not a constraint if you don't want to get sick of it. Don't force yourself to read the old classics that have been lying around in your library for 10 years if you don't feel like it.

3. Set a goal to achieve and concrete goals

The objective can be to want to cultivate more, to spend less time in front of the screens or to improve one's writing style. No matter what purpose you hang on to reading, it must speak to you and really serve you so that it is a constant motivation.

4. Always have books at home

Having reading ideas is good, having books directly at home is better! To avoid being dry, always have two or three pounds in advance at home.

5. Always carry a book with you

In the same vein as the previous advice, constantly having a book with you allows you to read as soon as the opportunity arises. Always have a small pocket book in your bag so that you can read as often as possible: while waiting for the bus, on the train, at the airport, etc.

6. Reading series of books

Another good way to read more is to embark on a series of books. I'm not necessarily telling you to read the seven volumes of Harry Potter right away, but you can, for example, consider starting a series of two or three books with an engaging story.

7. Join a book club

A pretty cool concept that consists of forming a small group of readers and agreeing on a book to read in a given time. The book club obliges us to read regularly since other people are impatiently waiting to share their opinion on a book, but also to know ours.

8. Turn off your phone

As with TV, it feels good. Smartphones are very addictive, but grab a good book and you'll be just as addicted to reading.

9. Don't force yourself

This is one of the most important pieces of advice: give yourself the right to put down a book you don't like. Again I emphasize that reading should be a fun time.

10. Share your books

If you've finished reading a book, give it away. Thousands of people around the world are unlikely you to be able to buy or even borrow this book. Do not hesitate to participate in the book donation projects of friends of Prem Rawat: the Kifubon Project.

In this way, you will be even more motivated to buy a book, read it and then give it to associations like the Prem Rawat Foundation to make it available to those who need it most.